1Lordshill Road Runners2org13
2Winchester Running Club1124
3=Stubbington Green Runners36org9
3=Itchen Spitfires4239
5Romsey Road Runners53412
6Lordshill Road Runners (B)10org515
7Hamwic Harriers88622
8=Stubbington Green Runners (B)914org23
8=Totton Runnersorg71623
10Hedge End Running Club613726
11=Winchester Running Club (B)154827
11=Lordshill Road Runners (C)13org1427
13=Eastleigh Running Club7101229
13=Southampton Athletic Cluborg92029
15Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club1111931
16Lordshill Road Runners (D)16org1733
17Hamwic Harriers (B)12121135
18Stubbington Green Runners (C)1919org38
19Romsey Road Runners (B)17151042
20=Lordshill Road Runners (E)23org2245
20=Totton Runners (B)org202545
22Itchen Spitfires (B)18161549
23Eastleigh Running Club (B)14221854
24Hamwic Harriers (C)21172159
25=Lordshill Road Runners (F)28org3361
25=Hardley Runners30181361
25=Totton Runners (C)org273461
28Stubbington Green Runners (D)3131org62
29=Winchester Running Club (C)25212470
29=Hedge End Running Club (B)22291970
29=Totton Runners (D)org323870
32Eastleigh Running Club (C)20252671
33=Stubbington Green Runners (E)3840org78
33=New Forest Runners24243078
35=Romsey Road Runners (C)33232783
35=Lordshill Road Runners (G)41org4283
37Totton Runners (E)org434487
38Itchen Spitfires (C)29283188
39=Stubbington Green Runners (F)4346org89
39=Halterworth Harriers26352889
41Lordshill Road Runners (H)47org4693
42Eastleigh Running Club (D)27333696
43Hedge End Running Club (C)32362997
44Winchester Running Club (D)373035102
45=Itchen Spitfires (D)393440113
45=Eastleigh Running Club (E)363839113
47Hedge End Running Club (D)404437121
48Hardley Runners (B)504132123
49Itchen Spitfires (E)444245131
50Eastleigh Running Club (F)424547134
51Eastleigh Running Club (G)514848147
52Stubbington Green Runners (G)48dnforg148
53Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club (B)dnf2623149
54Wessex Road Runners3539dnf174
55Hedge End Running Club (E)46dnf41187
56Itchen Spitfires (F)4947dnf196
57Winchester and District ACdnf5dnf205
58Netley Abbey Runners34dnfdnf234
59Romsey Road Runners (D)dnf37dnf237
60Halterworth Harriers (B)dnfdnf43243
61New Forest Runners (B)45dnfdnf245
62Wessex Road Runners (B)52dnfdnf252
63Eastleigh Running Club (H)53dnfdnf253
org =Event organiser and hence non-scorer
dnf =Not enough finishers to make up a team (did not finish)
dro =Club drop out race

2024 RR10 SERIES: RACE 3

DATE:May 22
ORGANISERS:Stubbington Green Runners
VENUE:River Hamble Country Park


1Lordshill Road Runners29101520561
2Winchester Running Club3671723562
3Itchen Spitfires45132230743
4Romsey Road Runners11282931331324
5Lordshill Road Runners (B)21242648501695
6Hamwic Harriers27323441421766
7Hedge End Running Club12144547791977
8Winchester Running Club (B)39404357622418
9Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club16185680822529
10Romsey Road Runners (B)363853778629010
11Hamwic Harriers (B)445558697630211
12Eastleigh Running Club355163728330412
13Hardley Runners495261759132813
14Lordshill Road Runners (C)606468707433614
15Itchen Spitfires (B)46546710211338215
16Totton Runners86510711812041816
17Lordshill Road Runners (D)818487889443417
18Eastleigh Running Club (B)95969810410850118
19Hedge End Running Club (B)93979910311250419
20Southampton Athletic Club25739216416852220
21Hamwic Harriers (C)788911011614754021
22Lordshill Road Runners (E)10010110510613554722
23Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club (B)8510911713314158523
24Winchester Running Club (C)11912813413614366024
25Totton Runners (B)12513013213814066525
26Eastleigh Running Club (C)11412412916617070326
27Romsey Road Runners (C)11112214815816970827
28Halterworth Harriers6612114218119970928
29Hedge End Running Club (C)12613714916116273529
30New Forest Runners5914516519420576830
31Itchen Spitfires (C)12313115518518778131
32Hardley Runners (B)11513915417821279832
33Lordshill Road Runners (F)14415315717418481233
34Totton Runners (C)14615215617918081334
35Winchester Running Club (D)15116018318621789735
36Eastleigh Running Club (D)17217518218819090736
37Hedge End Running Club (D)16717617719720091737
38Totton Runners (D)18919219620620899138
39Eastleigh Running Club (E)195201204209228103739
40Itchen Spitfires (D)191193222224231106140
41Hedge End Running Club (E)210211214215218106841
42Lordshill Road Runners (G)207219227229234111642
43Halterworth Harriers (B)202223243246247116143
44Totton Runners (E)220236239240241117644
45Itchen Spitfires (E)237242248251253123145
46Lordshill Road Runners (H)235245249252263124446
47Eastleigh Running Club (F)233238256260264125147
48Eastleigh Running Club (G)266268272274275135548
49Wessex Road Runners71127265267- 100
50Winchester and District AC11990150- 100
51New Forest Runners (B)262---- 100
52Netley Abbey Runners37159--- 100
53Itchen Spitfires (F)255277--- 100
54Romsey Road Runners (D)173269--- 100

2024 RR10 SERIES: RACE 2

DATE:May 8
ORGANISERS:Lordshill Road Runners
VENUE:Itchen Valley Country Park


1Winchester Running Club26161721621
2Itchen Spitfires58121432712
3Romsey Road Runners10202534381273
4Winchester Running Club (B)23243641461704
5Winchester and District AC4192262681755
6Stubbington Green Runners13303347541776
7Totton Runners194463751927
8Hamwic Harriers27374348492048
9Southampton Athletic Club374076912179
10Eastleigh Running Club283545577123610
11Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club112680818828611
12Hamwic Harriers (B)505860646529712
13Hedge End Running Club18295310411231613
14Stubbington Green Runners (B)555661737431914
15Romsey Road Runners (B)394283868933915
16Itchen Spitfires (B)515970989937716
17Hamwic Harriers (C)667985879341017
18Hardley Runners156910110912742118
19Stubbington Green Runners (C)7790959610846619
20Totton Runners (B)82849410510647120
21Winchester Running Club (C)526711812213349221
22Eastleigh Running Club (B)7810010211011450422
23Romsey Road Runners (C)10311311612613559323
24New Forest Runners7213413814314663324
25Eastleigh Running Club (C)11512512813614865225
26Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club (B)9711113014217865826
27Totton Runners (C)11712414014515668227
28Itchen Spitfires (C)10711913716216569028
29Hedge End Running Club (B)12315215315415573729
30Winchester Running Club (D)13915115717618680930
31Stubbington Green Runners (D)13214417417919282131
32Totton Runners (D)15816016117718183732
33Eastleigh Running Club (D)16917118218318589033
34Itchen Spitfires (D)16716818418719790334
35Halterworth Harriers12013121722923192835
36Hedge End Running Club (C)17217317520721193836
37Romsey Road Runners (D)14118018920523795237
38Eastleigh Running Club (E)19119419519920097938
39Wessex Road Runners121166242243247101939
40Stubbington Green Runners (E)193201206208213102140
41Hardley Runners (B)164170224227248103341
42Itchen Spitfires (E)203209210212219105342
43Totton Runners (E)190204223230249109643
44Hedge End Running Club (D)214218221222245112044
45Eastleigh Running Club (F)215233239241250117845
46Stubbington Green Runners (F)225228240244251118846
47Itchen Spitfires (F)220226238246258118847
48Eastleigh Running Club (G)252254262265266129948
49Wessex Road Runners (B)259261--- 100
50Stubbington Green Runners (G)264267--- 100
51New Forest Runners (B)163255--- 100
52Netley Abbey Runners31232257-- 100
53Hedge End Running Club (E)260---- 100
54Eastleigh Running Club (H)270271--- 100

2024 RR10 SERIES: RACE 1

DATE:Apr 24
ORGANISERS:Totton Runners, Southampton Athletic Club
VENUE:Fleming Park


1Winchester Running Club27121322561
2Lordshill Road Runners15142034742
3Stubbington Green Runners9192326351123
4Itchen Spitfires362438491204
5Romsey Road Runners8163637421395
6Hedge End Running Club4112140641406
7Eastleigh Running Club17273133501587
8Hamwic Harriers10252948511638
9Stubbington Green Runners (B)39434456752579
10Lordshill Road Runners (B)414558656627510
11Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club1830529010129111
12Hamwic Harriers (B)535759708132012
13Lordshill Road Runners (C)676871727635413
14Eastleigh Running Club (B)546369878936214
15Winchester Running Club (B)32469211011439415
16Lordshill Road Runners (D)777880919341916
17Romsey Road Runners (B)61747911511844717
18Itchen Spitfires (B)55889410311745718
19Stubbington Green Runners (C)83869511311649319
20Eastleigh Running Club (C)96989910010549820
21Hamwic Harriers (C)828510711113652121
22Hedge End Running Club (B)738410613014153422
23Lordshill Road Runners (E)10410812112413258923
24New Forest Runners6212712914415561724
25Winchester Running Club (C)12012513514214366525
26Halterworth Harriers4712814015020066526
27Eastleigh Running Club (D)12212614815916171627
28Lordshill Road Runners (F)13313413816216973628
29Itchen Spitfires (C)11913114917117474429
30Hardley Runners9710917320120478430
31Stubbington Green Runners (D)13716016316516679131
32Hedge End Running Club (C)14515115317017779632
33Romsey Road Runners (C)12314715719019881533
34Netley Abbey Runners2815417523723983334
35Wessex Road Runners10211215824224786135
36Eastleigh Running Club (E)16417217818018587936
37Winchester Running Club (D)14615218119121388337
38Stubbington Green Runners (E)16717618819320993338
39Itchen Spitfires (D)18218419719920296439
40Hedge End Running Club (D)17918619621722099840
41Lordshill Road Runners (G)183187205215236102641
42Eastleigh Running Club (F)189195206219243105242
43Stubbington Green Runners (F)211212214216218107143
44Itchen Spitfires (E)207221223225229110544
45New Forest Runners (B)192208226234270113045
46Hedge End Running Club (E)222228230232241115346
47Lordshill Road Runners (H)238240244250261123347
48Stubbington Green Runners (G)227251253255262124848
49Itchen Spitfires (F)235246257258259125549
50Hardley Runners (B)210254260269280127350
51Eastleigh Running Club (G)252256264266267130551
52Wessex Road Runners (B)248249263272274130652
53Eastleigh Running Club (H)271275279281284139053
54Winchester and District AC1560139-- 100