1Stubbington Green Runners11org2
2Lordshill Road Runners2org13
3Southampton Athletic Cluborg437
4Hedge End Running Club3328
5Winchester Running Club42511
6Lordshill Road Runners (B)10org414
7Hamwic Harriers67821
8Totton Runnersorg16723
9Eastleigh Running Club510924
10=Stubbington Green Runners (B)1213org25
10=Itchen Spitfires781025
12Hedge End Running Club (B)146626
13Lordshill Road Runners (C)16org1127
14=Romsey Road Runners11121336
14=Totton Runners (B)org201636
16Winchester Running Club (B)1391537
17Lordshill Road Runners (D)20org1838
18=Stubbington Green Runners (C)2322org45
18=Totton Runners (C)org261945
20=Lordshill Road Runners (E)26org2349
20=Hamwic Harriers (B)17151749
22Itchen Spitfires (B)15172254
23Hedge End Running Club (C)24181456
24Totton Runners (D)org312758
25Stubbington Green Runners (D)2934org63
26Eastleigh Running Club (B)18242466
27=Solent Running Sisters19212969
27=Lordshill Road Runners (F)36org3369
27=Totton Runners (E)org393069
30Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club27192672
31Totton Runners (F)org423577
32=Stubbington Green Runners (E)3741org78
32=Romsey Road Runners (B)21233478
34Hardley Runners8294279
35Hedge End Running Club (D)34282082
36Lordshill Road Runners (G)43org4083
37Hamwic Harriers (C)32272584
38Totton Runners (G)org483987
39Halterworth Harriers40302191
40Eastleigh Running Club (C)25383295
41Stubbington Green Runners (F)5049org99
42Netley Abbey Runners472528100
43Totton Runners (H)org5844102
44Solent Running Sisters (B)353241108
45=Lordshill Road Runners (H)59org50109
45=Eastleigh Running Club (D)284338109
47Hedge End Running Club (E)443631111
48Hamwic Harriers (D)413537113
49New Forest Runners95dnf114
50Itchen Spitfires (C)333349115
51=Winchester and District ACdnf1112123
51=Romsey Road Runners (C)314052123
53Hedge End Running Club (F)553736128
54=Winchester Running Club (C)2214dnf136
54=Eastleigh Running Club (E)385246136
56=Solent Running Sisters (C)454653144
56=Hamwic Harriers (E)485145144
58Totton Runners (I)orgdnf47147
59Itchen Spitfires (D)494555149
60Totton Runners (J)orgdnf54154
61=Stubbington Green Runners (G)58dnforg158
61=Itchen Spitfires (E)525056158
63Solent Running Sisters (D)545357164
64Hedge End Running Club (G)dnf4448192
65=Romsey Road Runners (D)4647dnf193
65=Eastleigh Running Club (F)42dnf51193
67Itchen Spitfires (F)5657dnf213
68Solent Running Sisters (E)6059dnf219
69=Solent Running Sisters (F)6161dnf222
69=Itchen Spitfires (G)6260dnf222
71Itchen Spitfires (H)6363dnf226
72Hardley Runners (B)30dnfdnf230
73New Forest Runners (B)39dnfdnf239
74Halterworth Harriers (B)dnfdnf43243
75Hamwic Harriers (F)51dnfdnf251
76Eastleigh Running Club (G)53dnfdnf253
77Netley Abbey Runners (B)dnf54dnf254
78Hedge End Running Club (H)dnf55dnf255
79Romsey Road Runners (E)dnf56dnf256
80Eastleigh Running Club (H)57dnfdnf257
81Solent Running Sisters (G)dnf62dnf262
82Wessex Road Runnersdnfdnfdnf300
org =Event organiser and hence non-scorer
dnf =Not enough finishers to make up a team (did not finish)
dro =Club drop out race

2024 RR10 SERIES: RACE 3

DATE:May 22
ORGANISERS:Stubbington Green Runners
VENUE:River Hamble Country Park


1Lordshill Road Runners23491
2Hedge End Running Club1812212
3Southampton Athletic Club6727403
4Lordshill Road Runners (B)101324474
5Winchester Running Club52033585
6Hedge End Running Club (B)161925606
7Totton Runners111441667
8Hamwic Harriers182330718
9Eastleigh Running Club212239829
10Itchen Spitfires1731388610
11Lordshill Road Runners (C)28424311311
12Winchester and District AC9545712012
13Romsey Road Runners15456012013
14Hedge End Running Club (C)26485512914
15Winchester Running Club (B)36465914115
16Totton Runners (B)47525315216
17Hamwic Harriers (B)32507415617
18Lordshill Road Runners (D)51626818118
19Totton Runners (C)56637519419
20Hedge End Running Club (D)58697320020
21Halterworth Harriers40659920421
22Itchen Spitfires (B)446711022122
23Lordshill Road Runners (E)71728522823
24Eastleigh Running Club (B)66778622924
25Hamwic Harriers (C)76808223825
26Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club3410411725526
27Totton Runners (D)84878825927
28Netley Abbey Runners647813527728
29Solent Running Sisters819110627829
30Totton Runners (E)92939528030
31Hedge End Running Club (E)839810128231
32Eastleigh Running Club (C)899410829132
33Lordshill Road Runners (F)969710229533
34Romsey Road Runners (B)6110713129934
35Totton Runners (F)10010511131635
36Hedge End Running Club (F)10311412033736
37Hamwic Harriers (D)9012412533937
38Eastleigh Running Club (D)11311613035938
39Totton Runners (G)11912212336439
40Lordshill Road Runners (G)11211513736440
41Solent Running Sisters (B)10911815037741
42Hardley Runners7012918138042
43Halterworth Harriers (B)12112813638543
44Totton Runners (H)13213314040544
45Hamwic Harriers (E)12614316243145
46Eastleigh Running Club (E)13414615243246
47Totton Runners (I)14114514743347
48Hedge End Running Club (G)13914415443748
49Itchen Spitfires (C)13814216744749
50Lordshill Road Runners (H)14915615946450
51Eastleigh Running Club (F)15315515746551
52Romsey Road Runners (C)14816016146952
53Solent Running Sisters (C)15816317149253
54Totton Runners (J)16516817050354
55Itchen Spitfires (D)16917317852055
56Itchen Spitfires (E)17918018454356
57Solent Running Sisters (D)17618318654557
58Winchester Running Club (C)79-- 100
59Romsey Road Runners (D)177-- 100
60New Forest Runners2937- 100
61Itchen Spitfires (F)187189- 100
62Hardley Runners (B)182-- 100
63Eastleigh Running Club (G)164-- 100
64Netley Abbey Runners (B)151-- 100
65Hedge End Running Club (H)175188- 100

2024 RR10 SERIES: RACE 2

DATE:May 8
ORGANISERS:Lordshill Road Runners
VENUE:Itchen Valley Country Park


1Stubbington Green Runners167141
2Winchester Running Club2510172
3Hedge End Running Club91316383
4Southampton Athletic Club41820424
5New Forest Runners81249695
6Hedge End Running Club (B)222328736
7Hamwic Harriers142633737
8Itchen Spitfires153437868
9Winchester Running Club (B)193138889
10Eastleigh Running Club325639110
11Winchester and District AC1124599411
12Romsey Road Runners1735439512
13Stubbington Green Runners (B)21425311613
14Winchester Running Club (C)39414412414
15Hamwic Harriers (B)36475714015
16Totton Runners29586114816
17Itchen Spitfires (B)46505615217
18Hedge End Running Club (C)32707117318
19Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club27737717719
20Totton Runners (B)62656619320
21Solent Running Sisters45767920021
22Stubbington Green Runners (C)55788521822
23Romsey Road Runners (B)60679822523
24Eastleigh Running Club (B)64819023524
25Netley Abbey Runners486912724425
26Totton Runners (C)75828924626
27Hamwic Harriers (C)80868725327
28Hedge End Running Club (D)729310126628
29Hardley Runners688811727329
30Halterworth Harriers5211511628330
31Totton Runners (D)95979929131
32Solent Running Sisters (B)9210010329532
33Itchen Spitfires (C)839411829533
34Stubbington Green Runners (D)9110210429734
35Hamwic Harriers (D)9610811231635
36Hedge End Running Club (E)10610710932236
37Hedge End Running Club (F)11111412535037
38Eastleigh Running Club (C)11012312435738
39Totton Runners (E)11912012136039
40Romsey Road Runners (C)10512613036140
41Stubbington Green Runners (E)12913113239241
42Totton Runners (F)12213314039542
43Eastleigh Running Club (D)12813714841343
44Hedge End Running Club (G)13413515142044
45Itchen Spitfires (D)14414514643545
46Solent Running Sisters (C)13614715643946
47Romsey Road Runners (D)14214316545047
48Totton Runners (G)15015316847148
49Stubbington Green Runners (F)13916317547749
50Itchen Spitfires (E)15516116247850
51Hamwic Harriers (E)14916017348251
52Eastleigh Running Club (E)15916416749052
53Solent Running Sisters (D)15716917049653
54Netley Abbey Runners (B)15215818749754
55Hedge End Running Club (H)15417618151155
56Romsey Road Runners (E)16617218051856
57Itchen Spitfires (F)17417718353457
58Totton Runners (H)17117918953958
59Solent Running Sisters (E)18518619056159
60Itchen Spitfires (G)18418819756960
61Solent Running Sisters (F)19119219457761
62Solent Running Sisters (G)19519619959062
63Itchen Spitfires (H)19820120260163
64New Forest Runners (B)54113- 100
65Hardley Runners (B)141-- 100
66Eastleigh Running Club (F)178-- 100

2024 RR10 SERIES: RACE 1

DATE:Apr 24
ORGANISERS:Totton Runners, Southampton Athletic Club
VENUE:Fleming Park


1Stubbington Green Runners145101
2Lordshill Road Runners6913282
3Hedge End Running Club71018353
4Winchester Running Club3826374
5Eastleigh Running Club22027495
6Hamwic Harriers222430766
7Itchen Spitfires212834837
8Hardley Runners111557838
9New Forest Runners123244889
10Lordshill Road Runners (B)2325418910
11Romsey Road Runners1638399311
12Stubbington Green Runners (B)1735469812
13Winchester Running Club (B)33364711613
14Hedge End Running Club (B)19376111714
15Itchen Spitfires (B)42515915215
16Lordshill Road Runners (C)49525415516
17Hamwic Harriers (B)45506616117
18Eastleigh Running Club (B)43656717518
19Solent Running Sisters31608918019
20Lordshill Road Runners (D)58626418420
21Romsey Road Runners (B)55568219321
22Winchester Running Club (C)48638519622
23Stubbington Green Runners (C)53778121123
24Hedge End Running Club (C)70717221324
25Eastleigh Running Club (C)68757621925
26Lordshill Road Runners (E)69748322626
27Chandlers Ford Swifts Running Club299711724327
28Eastleigh Running Club (D)78929526528
29Stubbington Green Runners (D)88909327129
30Hardley Runners (B)808412629030
31Romsey Road Runners (C)879111329131
32Hamwic Harriers (C)8610610830032
33Itchen Spitfires (C)799912230033
34Hedge End Running Club (D)7310112830234
35Solent Running Sisters (B)9610310530435
36Lordshill Road Runners (F)9810010930736
37Stubbington Green Runners (E)9410711031137
38Eastleigh Running Club (E)11111512134738
39New Forest Runners (B)10211613034839
40Halterworth Harriers10411813435640
41Hamwic Harriers (D)11912012736641
42Eastleigh Running Club (F)12412913138442
43Lordshill Road Runners (G)11212315338843
44Hedge End Running Club (E)13213513640344
45Solent Running Sisters (C)11414915041345
46Romsey Road Runners (D)12513915742146
47Netley Abbey Runners13313715442447
48Hamwic Harriers (E)14014314542848
49Itchen Spitfires (D)13814415143349
50Stubbington Green Runners (F)14714815945450
51Hamwic Harriers (F)14615216145951
52Itchen Spitfires (E)15515616047152
53Eastleigh Running Club (G)14216717047953
54Solent Running Sisters (D)16316817450554
55Hedge End Running Club (F)14118518651255
56Itchen Spitfires (F)16516618251356
57Eastleigh Running Club (H)17117217351657
58Stubbington Green Runners (G)16217518452158
59Lordshill Road Runners (H)16417718152259
60Solent Running Sisters (E)17817918354060
61Solent Running Sisters (F)18718819056561
62Itchen Spitfires (G)18919819958662
63Itchen Spitfires (H)20020120260363
64Wessex Road Runners176-- 100
65Winchester and District AC1440- 100