1Southampton Athletic Club111115
2Winchester and District AC3222211
3Hardley Runners284org620
4=Stubbington Green Runners86org5322
4=Lordshill Runners7dro53722
6=Totton Runners5334823
6=Itchen Spitfiresorg586423
8Hedge End Running Club4410dro927
9Romsey Road Runners6org971133
10Winchester and District AC (B)101368542
11Lordshill Runners (B)12dro1191244
12=New Forest Runners13716org1349
12=Eastleigh Running Club9171211org49
14Itchen Spitfires (B)org1117121959
15=Lordshill Runners (C)17dro13131861
15=Solent Running Sistersorg920181461
17Stubbington Green Runners (B)1518org171565
18Hedge End Running Club (B)111219dro2668
19Totton Runners (B)181015101770
20Lordshill Runners (D)19dro18162376
21Hardley Runners (B)142225org2081
22=Romsey Road Runners (B)16org24152883
22=Halterworth Harriers24162221dro83
24Itchen Spitfires (C)org2321192487
25Totton Runners (C)221523142195
26=Lordshill Runners (E)25dro262330104
26=Eastleigh Running Club (B)21292727org104
28Lordshill Runners (F)28dro292432113
29Hedge End Running Club (C)203530dro35120
30Totton Runners (D)2919282027123
31Lordshill Runners (G)31dro322936128
32Itchen Spitfires (D)org30332838129
33Romsey Road Runners (C)30orgdnf2537192
34Itchen Spitfires (E)org333633dnf202
35Totton Runners (E)dnf20312231204
36Solent Running Sisters (B)org3143dnf33207
37Totton Runners (F)dnf24382634222
38Solent Running Sisters (C)org3846dnf42226
39Totton Runners (G)dnf26443039239
40Stubbington Green Runners (C)23dnforgdnf22245
41Halterworth Harriers (B)dnf2537dnfdro262
42Hardley Runners (C)26dnf39orgdnf265
43=Hedge End Running Club (D)27dnf40drodnf267
43=Eastleigh Running Club (C)32dnf35dnforg267
45Romsey Road Runners (D)dnforgdnf3141272
46Lordshill Runners (H)dnfdro34dnf40274
47Itchen Spitfires (F)org3442dnfdnf276
48Totton Runners (H)dnf28dnf3243303
49New Forest Runners (B)dnf14dnforgdnf314
50New Forest Runners (C)dnf21dnforgdnf321
51Winchester and District AC (C)dnfdnf14dnf10324
52New Forest Runners (D)dnf27dnforgdnf327
53Stubbington Green Runners (D)dnfdnforgdnf29329
54Itchen Spitfires (G)org36dnfdnfdnf336
55Eastleigh Running Club (D)dnfdnf41dnforg341
56Lordshill Runners (I)dnfdrodnfdnf44344
57=Hedge End Running Club (E)dnfdnf45drodnf345
57=Solent Running Sisters (D)orgdnfdnfdnf45345
59Totton Runners (I)dnf32dnf34dnf366
60Southampton Athletic Club (B)dnfdnf7dnfdnf407
61Winchester and District AC (D)dnfdnfdnfdnf16416
62Winchester and District AC (E)dnfdnfdnfdnf25425
63Totton Runners (J)dnf37dnfdnfdnf437
org =Event organiser and hence non-scorer
dnf =Not enough finishers to make up a team (did not finish)
dro =Club drop out race

2021 RR10 SERIES: RACE 5

DATE:Aug 18
ORGANISERS:Eastleigh Running Club
DROP OUT CLUBS:Halterworth Harriers, Wessex Road Runners
VENUE:IBM Hursley Park


1Southampton Athletic Club12361
2Winchester and District AC41012262
3Stubbington Green Runners71415363
4Itchen Spitfires91626514
5Winchester and District AC (B)131921535
6Hardley Runners81144636
7Lordshill Runners222829797
8Totton Runners53046818
9Hedge End Running Club202441859
10Winchester and District AC (C)2731339110
11Romsey Road Runners17236310311
12Lordshill Runners (B)32363710512
13New Forest Runners18405211013
14Solent Running Sisters35424712414
15Stubbington Green Runners (B)39455313715
16Winchester and District AC (D)34576015116
17Totton Runners (B)49505815717
18Lordshill Runners (C)43486615718
19Itchen Spitfires (B)38516815719
20Hardley Runners (B)54555916820
21Totton Runners (C)61627019321
22Stubbington Green Runners (C)65737621422
23Lordshill Runners (D)67718422223
24Itchen Spitfires (C)72757822524
25Winchester and District AC (E)64749723525
26Hedge End Running Club (B)80828724926
27Totton Runners (D)79819225227
28Romsey Road Runners (B)698610325828
29Stubbington Green Runners (D)77949526629
30Lordshill Runners (E)89909127030
31Totton Runners (E)939610529431
32Lordshill Runners (F)9810010129932
33Solent Running Sisters (B)839912630833
34Totton Runners (F)10610710932234
35Hedge End Running Club (C)8811612132535
36Lordshill Runners (G)10211111332636
37Romsey Road Runners (C)10410811432637
38Itchen Spitfires (D)8511812432738
39Totton Runners (G)11211512535239
40Lordshill Runners (H)11912012836740
41Romsey Road Runners (D)11712313237241
42Solent Running Sisters (C)12712913639242
43Totton Runners (H)13113313439843
44Lordshill Runners (I)13514014141644
45Solent Running Sisters (D)13713914442045
46Hedge End Running Club (D)138-- 100
47Hardley Runners (C)110-- 100
48Totton Runners (I)145-- 100
49New Forest Runners (B)56-- 100
50Itchen Spitfires (E)130143- 100
51Southampton Athletic Club (B)625- 100

2021 RR10 SERIES: RACE 4

DATE:Aug 11
ORGANISERS:Hardley Runners, New Forest Runners
DROP OUT CLUBS:Hedge End Running Club
VENUE:Cadland Estate, Blackfield


1Southampton Athletic Club1615221
2Winchester and District AC21012242
3Lordshill Runners71418393
4Totton Runners31719394
5Stubbington Green Runners4936495
6Itchen Spitfires52124506
7Romsey Road Runners81131507
8Winchester and District AC (B)132328648
9Lordshill Runners (B)202227699
10Totton Runners (B)2533359310
11Eastleigh Running Club16394510011
12Itchen Spitfires (B)29384010712
13Lordshill Runners (C)34424612213
14Totton Runners (C)37475313714
15Romsey Road Runners (B)32545914515
16Lordshill Runners (D)49505715616
17Stubbington Green Runners (B)41516515717
18Solent Running Sisters30487915718
19Itchen Spitfires (C)44566316319
20Totton Runners (D)55586017320
21Halterworth Harriers26688618021
22Totton Runners (E)62647019622
23Lordshill Runners (E)61676919723
24Lordshill Runners (F)71737521924
25Romsey Road Runners (C)72768122925
26Totton Runners (F)74788023226
27Eastleigh Running Club (B)52859723427
28Itchen Spitfires (D)82838825328
29Lordshill Runners (G)77879125529
30Totton Runners (G)84899526830
31Romsey Road Runners (D)90929627831
32Totton Runners (H)9810510630932
33Itchen Spitfires (E)10010111031133
34Totton Runners (I)10710811332834
35Stubbington Green Runners (C)6693- 100
36Eastleigh Running Club (C)99-- 100
37Totton Runners (J)114-- 100
38Solent Running Sisters (B)102103- 100
39Itchen Spitfires (F)111-- 100
40Halterworth Harriers (B)109-- 100
41Winchester and District AC (C)4394- 100
42Lordshill Runners (H)104112- 100

2021 RR10 SERIES: RACE 3

DATE:Aug 4
ORGANISERS:Stubbington Green Runners
VENUE:River Hamble Country Park


1Southampton Athletic Club13481
2Winchester and District AC2710192
3Totton Runners51925493
4Hardley Runners111231544
5Lordshill Runners161822565
6Winchester and District AC (B)132326626
7Southampton Athletic Club (B)62729627
8Itchen Spitfires92134648
9Romsey Road Runners141741729
10Hedge End Running Club1520387310
11Lordshill Runners (B)32353610311
12Eastleigh Running Club24305711112
13Lordshill Runners (C)40445213613
14Winchester and District AC (C)37465513814
15Totton Runners (B)43505114415
16New Forest Runners8647614816
17Itchen Spitfires (B)45486015317
18Lordshill Runners (D)53545916618
19Hedge End Running Club (B)42626817219
20Solent Running Sisters284710518020
21Itchen Spitfires (C)61636719121
22Halterworth Harriers39749020322
23Totton Runners (C)58717720623
24Romsey Road Runners (B)49738520724
25Hardley Runners (B)33839421025
26Lordshill Runners (E)66707521126
27Eastleigh Running Club (B)65698021427
28Totton Runners (D)78818624528
29Lordshill Runners (F)79879726329
30Hedge End Running Club (C)728211126530
31Totton Runners (E)919310028431
32Lordshill Runners (G)989910129832
33Itchen Spitfires (D)8410311229933
34Lordshill Runners (H)10410712033134
35Eastleigh Running Club (C)10810911533235
36Itchen Spitfires (E)11311411734436
37Halterworth Harriers (B)9210614734537
38Totton Runners (F)10212512835538
39Hardley Runners (C)9512114836439
40Hedge End Running Club (D)11912212436540
41Eastleigh Running Club (D)11612313337241
42Itchen Spitfires (F)11812712937442
43Solent Running Sisters (B)11012613937543
44Totton Runners (G)13413513640544
45Hedge End Running Club (E)13113214540845
46Solent Running Sisters (C)14014114242346
47Romsey Road Runners (C)8996- 100
48Totton Runners (H)138-- 100
49New Forest Runners (B)88-- 100
50Itchen Spitfires (G)146-- 100

2021 RR10 SERIES: RACE 2

DATE:Jul 28
ORGANISERS:Romsey Road Runners
DROP OUT CLUBS:Lordshill Runners


1Southampton Athletic Club12361
2Winchester and District AC71012292
3Totton Runners51718403
4Hedge End Running Club131516444
5Itchen Spitfires111921515
6Stubbington Green Runners142226626
7New Forest Runners92334667
8Hardley Runners82732678
9Solent Running Sisters202537829
10Totton Runners (B)29353610010
11Itchen Spitfires (B)24305110511
12Hedge End Running Club (B)28415412312
13Winchester and District AC (B)31455012613
14New Forest Runners (B)38425213214
15Totton Runners (C)44464813815
16Halterworth Harriers33495613816
17Eastleigh Running Club40475914617
18Stubbington Green Runners (B)43536015618
19Totton Runners (D)55586117419
20Totton Runners (E)64656819720
21New Forest Runners (C)62707120321
22Hardley Runners (B)39739620822
23Itchen Spitfires (C)63697921123
24Totton Runners (F)72747522124
25Halterworth Harriers (B)57879023425
26Totton Runners (G)77788423926
27New Forest Runners (D)83858625427
28Totton Runners (H)88919227128
29Eastleigh Running Club (B)6710110327129
30Itchen Spitfires (D)82949727330
31Solent Running Sisters (B)8110210528831
32Totton Runners (I)939511230032
33Itchen Spitfires (E)989910430133
34Itchen Spitfires (F)10710810932434
35Hedge End Running Club (C)11111612034735
36Itchen Spitfires (G)11411711834936
37Totton Runners (J)11311512335137
38Solent Running Sisters (C)12112212536838
39Stubbington Green Runners (C)6680- 100
40Hedge End Running Club (D)128-- 100
41Hardley Runners (C)131-- 100
42Eastleigh Running Club (C)106-- 100

2021 RR10 SERIES: RACE 1

DATE:Jul 21
ORGANISERS:Solent Running Sisters, Itchen Spitfires
VENUE:Fleming Park


1Southampton Athletic Club12471
2Hardley Runners569202
3Winchester and District AC81619433
4Hedge End Running Club121323484
5Totton Runners31832535
6Romsey Road Runners111430556
7Lordshill Runners152426657
8Stubbington Green Runners72933698
9Eastleigh Running Club202138799
10Winchester and District AC (B)2228459510
11Hedge End Running Club (B)25345411311
12Lordshill Runners (B)35374311512
13New Forest Runners10426311513
14Hardley Runners (B)27406012714
15Stubbington Green Runners (B)39505314215
16Romsey Road Runners (B)31446714216
17Lordshill Runners (C)46475114417
18Totton Runners (B)48495515218
19Lordshill Runners (D)59626818919
20Hedge End Running Club (C)57657219420
21Eastleigh Running Club (B)52707319521
22Totton Runners (C)56697119622
23Stubbington Green Runners (C)58668120523
24Halterworth Harriers36809320924
25Lordshill Runners (E)75828424125
26Hardley Runners (C)778510126326
27Hedge End Running Club (D)83869526427
28Lordshill Runners (F)88899026728
29Totton Runners (D)788710226729
30Romsey Road Runners (C)79949626930
31Lordshill Runners (G)9110010529631
32Eastleigh Running Club (C)9210310630132