1Stubbington Green Runners12dro3
2Lordshill Runners2dro24
3Winchester and District AC3137
4Stubbington Green Runners (B)44dro8
5Romsey Road Runners7dro411
6=Totton Runners9org514
6=New Forest Runnersdro14org14
6=Itchen Spitfiresorg6814
9=Stubbington Green Runners (C)105dro15
9=Lordshill Runners (B)8dro715
11Stubbington Green Runners (D)119dro20
12=Winchester and District AC (B)631221
12=Lordshill Runners (C)12dro921
14New Forest Runners (B)dro22org22
15=Totton Runners (B)13org1023
15=Itchen Spitfires (B)org81523
17New Forest Runners (C)dro24org24
18Eastleigh Running Club14dro1125
19Hedge End Running Club516627
20Stubbington Green Runners (E)1711dro28
21Lordshill Runners (D)15dro1429
22=Stubbington Green Runners (F)1917dro36
22=Itchen Spitfires (C)org122436
24New Forest Runners (D)dro37org37
25=Totton Runners (C)22org1638
25=Romsey Road Runners (B)25dro1338
25=Hardley Runners2810dro38
25=Eastleigh Running Club (B)21dro1738
29Lordshill Runners (E)23dro1841
30Stubbington Green Runners (G)2719dro46
31=Stubbington Green Runners (H)2921dro50
31=Lordshill Runners (F)31dro1950
33Lordshill Runners (G)33dro2154
34Winchester and District AC (C)1873055
35Itchen Spitfires (D)org203656
36Stubbington Green Runners (I)3423dro57
37Lordshill Runners (H)35dro2358
38Eastleigh Running Club (C)32dro2759
39Totton Runners (D)38org2260
40=Romsey Road Runners (C)37dro2865
40=Lordshill Runners (I)39dro2665
40=Hedge End Running Club (B)16292065
43Stubbington Green Runners (J)4126dro67
44=Lordshill Runners (J)40dro3171
44=Itchen Spitfires (E)org254671
46Solent Running Sisters24153473
47Totton Runners (E)47org2976
48Stubbington Green Runners (K)4433dro77
49Itchen Spitfires (F)org285078
50Eastleigh Running Club (D)46dro3379
51Stubbington Green Runners (L)4539dro84
52Lordshill Runners (K)50dro3585
53=Hedge End Running Club (C)20343286
53=Itchen Spitfires (G)org315586
55Lordshill Runners (L)51dro3788
56Totton Runners (F)52org3890
57Lordshill Runners (M)54dro3993
58Romsey Road Runners (D)57dro4198
59Lordshill Runners (N)60dro40100
60Southampton Athletic Clubdrodnf1101
61Totton Runners (G)59org44103
62Eastleigh Running Club (E)64dro47111
63Lordshill Runners (O)70dro42112
64Solent Running Sisters (B)422748117
65Hardley Runners (B)dnf18dro118
66Totton Runners (H)72org49121
67Halterworth Harriersdrodnf25125
68Lordshill Runners (P)80dro53133
69Itchen Spitfires (H)org35dnf135
70Solent Running Sisters (C)563051137
71Winchester and District AC (D)2613dnf139
72Halterworth Harriers (B)drodnf43143
73Solent Running Sisters (D)623254148
74Stubbington Green Runners (M)49dnfdro149
75Totton Runners (I)dnforg52152
76Stubbington Green Runners (N)53dnfdro153
77Solent Running Sisters (E)653656157
78Stubbington Green Runners (O)61dnfdro161
79Solent Running Sisters (F)673857162
80Stubbington Green Runners (P)66dnfdro166
81Eastleigh Running Club (F)69drodnf169
82Stubbington Green Runners (Q)71dnfdro171
83=Hedge End Running Club (D)30dnf45175
83=Eastleigh Running Club (G)75drodnf175
85Stubbington Green Runners (R)76dnfdro176
86Eastleigh Running Club (H)79drodnf179
87Solent Running Sisters (G)73dnf58231
88Hedge End Running Club (E)36dnfdnf236
89Hedge End Running Club (F)43dnfdnf243
90Hedge End Running Club (G)48dnfdnf248
91Hedge End Running Club (H)55dnfdnf255
92Hedge End Running Club (I)58dnfdnf258
93Hedge End Running Club (J)63dnfdnf263
94Hedge End Running Club (K)68dnfdnf268
95Hedge End Running Club (L)74dnfdnf274
96Solent Running Sisters (H)77dnfdnf277
97Solent Running Sisters (I)78dnfdnf278
org =Event organiser and hence non-scorer
dnf =Not enough finishers to make up a team (did not finish)
dro =Club drop out race

2019 RR10 SERIES: RACE 3

DATE:May 15
ORGANISERS:New Forest Runners
DROP OUT CLUBS:Hardley Runners, Stubbington Green Runners
VENUE:Wilverley Inclosure, Sway


1Southampton Athletic Club1614211
2Lordshill Runners2812222
3Winchester and District AC51011263
4Romsey Road Runners3717274
5Totton Runners4915285
6Hedge End Running Club131827586
7Lordshill Runners (B)162024607
8Itchen Spitfires212931818
9Lordshill Runners (C)252830839
10Totton Runners (B)33343510210
11Eastleigh Running Club23374210211
12Winchester and District AC (B)22266511312
13Romsey Road Runners (B)19445411713
14Lordshill Runners (D)36404311914
15Itchen Spitfires (B)32385712715
16Totton Runners (C)41465514216
17Eastleigh Running Club (B)47484914417
18Lordshill Runners (E)45535815618
19Lordshill Runners (F)59606118019
20Hedge End Running Club (B)51527818120
21Lordshill Runners (G)63646619321
22Totton Runners (D)56688020422
23Lordshill Runners (H)67707120823
24Itchen Spitfires (C)62727420824
25Halterworth Harriers39849121425
26Lordshill Runners (I)79828524626
27Eastleigh Running Club (C)75769524627
28Romsey Road Runners (C)73889625728
29Totton Runners (E)87909327029
30Winchester and District AC (C)697713227830
31Lordshill Runners (J)89929827931
32Hedge End Running Club (C)8610210329132
33Eastleigh Running Club (D)9710010129833
34Solent Running Sisters8110411730234
35Lordshill Runners (K)9910510631035
36Itchen Spitfires (D)8310713132136
37Lordshill Runners (L)10810911032737
38Totton Runners (F)9411512133038
39Lordshill Runners (M)11111211433739
40Lordshill Runners (N)11611812035440
41Romsey Road Runners (D)11311913036241
42Lordshill Runners (O)12612712838142
43Halterworth Harriers (B)12313513639443
44Totton Runners (G)12913313439644
45Hedge End Running Club (D)12213814140145
46Itchen Spitfires (E)13714014241946
47Eastleigh Running Club (E)12514315542347
48Solent Running Sisters (B)12414815642848
49Totton Runners (H)13914715043649
50Itchen Spitfires (F)14514615444550
51Solent Running Sisters (C)15715815947451
52Totton Runners (I)15115317447852
53Lordshill Runners (P)14416617248253
54Solent Running Sisters (D)16016116748854
55Itchen Spitfires (G)16216417149755
56Solent Running Sisters (E)16816917050756
57Solent Running Sisters (F)17317517752557
58Solent Running Sisters (G)17818118554458
59Winchester and District AC (D)149-- 100
60Solent Running Sisters (H)186-- 100
61Hedge End Running Club (E)152163- 100
62Eastleigh Running Club (F)165179- 100
63Itchen Spitfires (H)183184- 100

2019 RR10 SERIES: RACE 2

DATE:May 1
ORGANISERS:Totton Runners
DROP OUT CLUBS:Eastleigh Running Club, Lordshill Runners, Romsey Road Runners
VENUE:Stoney Cross, Fritham


1Winchester and District AC13481
2Stubbington Green Runners256132
3Winchester and District AC (B)7813283
4Stubbington Green Runners (B)101112334
5Stubbington Green Runners (C)141520495
6Itchen Spitfires192123636
7Winchester and District AC (C)182534777
8Itchen Spitfires (B)242931848
9Stubbington Green Runners (D)223032849
10Hardley Runners1627428510
11Stubbington Green Runners (E)33354311111
12Itchen Spitfires (C)37394011612
13Winchester and District AC (D)36414412113
14New Forest Runners26385712114
15Solent Running Sisters28535413515
16Hedge End Running Club17517113916
17Stubbington Green Runners (F)48495014717
18Hardley Runners (B)46476015318
19Stubbington Green Runners (G)52555616319
20Itchen Spitfires (D)45686918220
21Stubbington Green Runners (H)61626418721
22New Forest Runners (B)58677019522
23Stubbington Green Runners (I)66727621423
24New Forest Runners (C)73757822624
25Itchen Spitfires (E)74798423725
26Stubbington Green Runners (J)80828524726
27Solent Running Sisters (B)77899025627
28Itchen Spitfires (F)86879426728
29Hedge End Running Club (B)83889726829
30Solent Running Sisters (C)91929627930
31Itchen Spitfires (G)959910329731
32Solent Running Sisters (D)10010610731332
33Stubbington Green Runners (K)10210511131833
34Hedge End Running Club (C)10111211332634
35Itchen Spitfires (H)10410811732935
36Solent Running Sisters (E)10911011433336
37New Forest Runners (D)9311912233437
38Solent Running Sisters (F)11511612335438
39Stubbington Green Runners (L)12012112536639
40Stubbington Green Runners (M)126-- 100
41Southampton Athletic Club9-- 100
42Halterworth Harriers5965- 100

2019 RR10 SERIES: RACE 1

DATE:Apr 17
ORGANISERS:Itchen Spitfires
DROP OUT CLUBS:Halterworth Harriers, Southampton Athletic Club, New Forest Runners
VENUE:Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley


1Stubbington Green Runners167141
2Lordshill Runners3414212
3Winchester and District AC51011263
4Stubbington Green Runners (B)81320414
5Hedge End Running Club151718505
6Winchester and District AC (B)121921526
7Romsey Road Runners22230547
8Lordshill Runners (B)162326658
9Totton Runners93436799
10Stubbington Green Runners (C)2428318310
11Stubbington Green Runners (D)32333710211
12Lordshill Runners (C)27384010512
13Totton Runners (B)39415013013
14Eastleigh Running Club35465713814
15Lordshill Runners (D)43455314115
16Hedge End Running Club (B)42495114216
17Stubbington Green Runners (E)44475414517
18Winchester and District AC (C)29606715618
19Stubbington Green Runners (F)59646618919
20Hedge End Running Club (C)55617318920
21Eastleigh Running Club (B)58686919521
22Totton Runners (C)62657620322
23Lordshill Runners (E)63727821323
24Solent Running Sisters48719621524
25Romsey Road Runners (B)56818522225
26Winchester and District AC (D)70748322726
27Stubbington Green Runners (G)75798023427
28Hardley Runners255215723428
29Stubbington Green Runners (H)84899126429
30Hedge End Running Club (D)82889426430
31Lordshill Runners (F)86879226531
32Eastleigh Running Club (C)779010026732
33Lordshill Runners (G)93959728533
34Stubbington Green Runners (I)9810111231134
35Lordshill Runners (H)10210510931635
36Hedge End Running Club (E)10310811132236
37Romsey Road Runners (C)10410611632637
38Totton Runners (D)9911311732938
39Lordshill Runners (I)11411511834739
40Lordshill Runners (J)12012112236340
41Stubbington Green Runners (J)11912312736941
42Solent Running Sisters (B)10711015537242
43Hedge End Running Club (F)12412613238243
44Stubbington Green Runners (K)12813013439244
45Stubbington Green Runners (L)13613714041345
46Eastleigh Running Club (D)12513116241846
47Totton Runners (E)13313515242047
48Hedge End Running Club (G)13914114342348
49Stubbington Green Runners (M)14214414643249
50Lordshill Runners (K)14514714844050
51Lordshill Runners (L)15015115345451
52Totton Runners (F)15415615946952
53Stubbington Green Runners (N)14916516948353
54Lordshill Runners (M)15816016748554
55Hedge End Running Club (H)16316817150255
56Solent Running Sisters (C)16416617650656
57Romsey Road Runners (D)13816121651557
58Hedge End Running Club (I)17217517952658
59Totton Runners (G)17017418252659
60Lordshill Runners (N)17818018354160
61Stubbington Green Runners (O)17718519055261
62Solent Running Sisters (D)18118919156162
63Hedge End Running Club (J)18618819556963
64Eastleigh Running Club (E)18418719856964
65Solent Running Sisters (E)19319619758665
66Stubbington Green Runners (P)19219920960066
67Solent Running Sisters (F)20320420561267
68Hedge End Running Club (K)20120721462268
69Eastleigh Running Club (F)20620821362769
70Lordshill Runners (O)20021922764670
71Stubbington Green Runners (Q)21221722064971
72Totton Runners (H)20221023965172
73Solent Running Sisters (G)21121822865773
74Hedge End Running Club (L)21522522666674
75Eastleigh Running Club (G)22122423267775
76Stubbington Green Runners (R)22222324068576
77Solent Running Sisters (H)22923023169077
78Solent Running Sisters (I)23323423670378
79Eastleigh Running Club (H)23524124271879
80Lordshill Runners (P)23723824471980