1Winchester and District AC1dro12
2Stubbington Green Runners2125
3Hedge End Running Club44dro8
4=Totton Runners9org514
4=Romsey Road Runners55414
6Itchen Spitfiresorg7815
7Lordshill Runners72716
8=Stubbington Green Runners (B)68317
8=Hardley Runners83617
10Winchester and District AC (B)3dro1518
11Eastleigh Running Club10dro919
12Itchen Spitfires (B)org101222
13=New Forest Runners176org23
13=Hedge End Running Club (B)1211dro23
15Eastleigh Running Club (B)13dro1326
16Totton Runners (B)16org1733
17Stubbington Green Runners (C)11151036
18=Lordshill Runners (B)1591640
18=Itchen Spitfires (C)org172340
20Hedge End Running Club (C)2022dro42
21Romsey Road Runners (B)21141146
22Stubbington Green Runners (D)14191447
23Totton Runners (C)23org2750
24Eastleigh Running Club (C)26dro2551
25=Lordshill Runners (C)22131853
25=Hedge End Running Club (D)2726dro53
27Hardley Runners (B)25122158
28Solent Running Sisters18212059
29Itchen Spitfires (D)org303060
30Hedge End Running Club (E)3131dro62
31Lordshill Runners (D)28162266
32=Stubbington Green Runners (E)19252468
32=Itchen Spitfires (E)org363268
34=Totton Runners (D)30org3969
34=Romsey Road Runners (C)32181969
36Eastleigh Running Club (D)41dro3576
37Itchen Spitfires (F)org413879
38Lordshill Runners (E)35202681
39Stubbington Green Runners (F)24292982
40Hedge End Running Club (F)3746dro83
41Itchen Spitfires (G)org444185
42Itchen Spitfires (H)org474491
43=Stubbington Green Runners (G)29343194
43=Hedge End Running Club (G)4351dro94
45Romsey Road Runners (D)44232895
46Totton Runners (E)50org4696
47Itchen Spitfires (I)org494998
48Lordshill Runners (F)39273399
49Itchen Spitfires (J)org5350103
50Itchen Spitfires (K)org5651107
51Stubbington Green Runners (H)333837108
52Lordshill Runners (G)463336115
53Solent Running Sisters (B)383945122
54New Forest Runners (B)dnf24org124
55Lordshill Runners (H)513540126
56Winchester and District AC (C)34drodnf134
57Lordshill Runners (I)544042136
58New Forest Runners (C)dnf37org137
59Hedge End Running Club (H)48dnfdro148
60Solent Running Sisters (C)495248149
61Eastleigh Running Club (E)52drodnf152
62Hedge End Running Club (I)53dnfdro153
63Itchen Spitfires (L)org58dnf158
64Itchen Spitfires (M)org60dnf160
65Romsey Road Runners (E)dnf2834162
66Stubbington Green Runners (I)3642dnf178
67Romsey Road Runners (F)dnf3247179
68Hardley Runners (C)dnf4343186
69Stubbington Green Runners (J)4050dnf190
70Southampton Athletic Cluborgdnfdnf200
71Solent Running Sisters (D)5655dnf211
72Solent Running Sisters (E)5857dnf215
73Stubbington Green Runners (K)42dnfdnf242
74=Stubbington Green Runners (L)45dnfdnf245
74=Romsey Road Runners (G)dnf45dnf245
76Stubbington Green Runners (M)47dnfdnf247
77Lordshill Runners (J)dnf48dnf248
78Lordshill Runners (K)dnf54dnf254
79Stubbington Green Runners (N)55dnfdnf255
80Stubbington Green Runners (O)57dnfdnf257
81=Solent Running Sisters (F)59dnfdnf259
81=Hardley Runners (D)dnf59dnf259
org =Event organiser and hence non-scorer
dnf =Not enough finishers to make up a team (did not finish)
dro =Club drop out race

2018 RR10 SERIES: RACE 3

DATE:May 16
ORGANISERS:New Forest Runners
DROP OUT CLUB:Hedge End Running Club
VENUE:Wilverley Inclosure, Sway


1Winchester and District AC138121
2Stubbington Green Runners256132
3Stubbington Green Runners (B)71114323
4Romsey Road Runners91315374
5Totton Runners161924595
6Hardley Runners202123646
7Lordshill Runners43340777
8Itchen Spitfires262830848
9Eastleigh Running Club272931879
10Stubbington Green Runners (C)25363910010
11Romsey Road Runners (B)17424610511
12Itchen Spitfires (B)35444912812
13Eastleigh Running Club (B)32416113413
14Stubbington Green Runners (D)43454813614
15Winchester and District AC (B)101212414615
16Lordshill Runners (B)47535515516
17Totton Runners (B)37546916017
18Lordshill Runners (C)56576017318
19Romsey Road Runners (C)50587318119
20Solent Running Sisters38638618720
21Hardley Runners (B)345210318921
22Lordshill Runners (D)62646719322
23Itchen Spitfires (C)59667219723
24Stubbington Green Runners (E)51757820424
25Eastleigh Running Club (C)65747921825
26Lordshill Runners (E)68719022926
27Totton Runners (C)70769424027
28Romsey Road Runners (D)77828924828
29Stubbington Green Runners (F)81848525029
30Itchen Spitfires (D)80839125430
31Stubbington Green Runners (G)878810628131
32Itchen Spitfires (E)92989928932
33Lordshill Runners (F)9610010229833
34Romsey Road Runners (E)9310110529934
35Eastleigh Running Club (D)959710729935
36Lordshill Runners (G)10410911132436
37Stubbington Green Runners (H)10811211833837
38Itchen Spitfires (F)11311411734438
39Totton Runners (D)11012713437139
40Lordshill Runners (H)12112312837240
41Itchen Spitfires (G)12212512637341
42Lordshill Runners (I)13013213339542
43Hardley Runners (C)11913715140743
44Itchen Spitfires (H)12913814441144
45Solent Running Sisters (B)13914014142045
46Totton Runners (E)13514314942746
47Romsey Road Runners (F)11515515742747
48Solent Running Sisters (C)14214515344048
49Itchen Spitfires (I)14714815444949
50Itchen Spitfires (J)15815916147850
51Itchen Spitfires (K)16216316448951
52Stubbington Green Runners (I)120131- 100
53Solent Running Sisters (D)156160- 100
54Eastleigh Running Club (E)116-- 100
55Lordshill Runners (J)136146- 100
56Hardley Runners (D)152-- 100
57Southampton Athletic Club1822- 100

2018 RR10 SERIES: RACE 2

DATE:May 2
ORGANISERS:Totton Runners
DROP OUT CLUB:Winchester and District AC, Eastleigh Running Club
VENUE:Stoney Cross, Fritham


1Stubbington Green Runners1410151
2Lordshill Runners269172
3Hardley Runners51119353
4Hedge End Running Club81520434
5Romsey Road Runners71623465
6New Forest Runners31836576
7Itchen Spitfires132224597
8Stubbington Green Runners (B)122737768
9Lordshill Runners (B)173032799
10Itchen Spitfires (B)2531349010
11Hedge End Running Club (B)21265510211
12Hardley Runners (B)29354410812
13Lordshill Runners (C)33414211613
14Romsey Road Runners (B)28464712114
15Stubbington Green Runners (C)39435313515
16Lordshill Runners (D)45485114416
17Itchen Spitfires (C)40495714617
18Romsey Road Runners (C)50525816018
19Stubbington Green Runners (D)56606317919
20Lordshill Runners (E)54617018520
21Solent Running Sisters38598918621
22Hedge End Running Club (C)64676920022
23Romsey Road Runners (D)65687220523
24New Forest Runners (B)62748121724
25Stubbington Green Runners (E)66787922325
26Hedge End Running Club (D)75768023126
27Lordshill Runners (F)71778823627
28Romsey Road Runners (E)73848624328
29Stubbington Green Runners (F)83879326329
30Itchen Spitfires (D)82919626930
31Hedge End Running Club (E)859211128831
32Romsey Road Runners (F)909910429332
33Lordshill Runners (G)959810129433
34Stubbington Green Runners (G)10010610831434
35Lordshill Runners (H)10210310931435
36Itchen Spitfires (E)9710511431636
37New Forest Runners (C)9411012332737
38Stubbington Green Runners (H)11211612034838
39Solent Running Sisters (B)10711812735239
40Lordshill Runners (I)11512113036640
41Itchen Spitfires (F)11712513137341
42Stubbington Green Runners (I)12612812938342
43Hardley Runners (C)11312415138843
44Itchen Spitfires (G)13213613840644
45Romsey Road Runners (G)11913715641245
46Hedge End Running Club (F)12214714841746
47Itchen Spitfires (H)13914014142047
48Lordshill Runners (J)13414514642548
49Itchen Spitfires (I)14214314442949
50Stubbington Green Runners (J)13315715944950
51Hedge End Running Club (G)14915215345451
52Solent Running Sisters (C)15515816347652
53Itchen Spitfires (J)15016216547753
54Lordshill Runners (K)15416117048554
55Solent Running Sisters (D)16416816950155
56Itchen Spitfires (K)16616717150456
57Solent Running Sisters (E)17317417952657
58Itchen Spitfires (L)17218018153358
59Hardley Runners (D)17717818654159
60Itchen Spitfires (M)18318418555260
61Solent Running Sisters (F)182-- 100
62Hedge End Running Club (H)160176- 100

2018 RR10 SERIES: RACE 1

DATE:Apr 18
ORGANISERS:Southampton Athletic Club, Itchen Spitfires
DROP OUT CLUB:Halterworth Harriers
VENUE:Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley


1Winchester and District AC246121
2Stubbington Green Runners11013242
3Winchester and District AC (B)71117353
4Hedge End Running Club8918354
5Romsey Road Runners122123565
6Stubbington Green Runners (B)151926606
7Lordshill Runners52535657
8Hardley Runners162427678
9Totton Runners142033679
10Eastleigh Running Club2228378710
11Stubbington Green Runners (C)29304110011
12Hedge End Running Club (B)34395112412
13Eastleigh Running Club (B)38404812613
14Stubbington Green Runners (D)43455013814
15Lordshill Runners (B)44465214215
16Totton Runners (B)42495314416
17New Forest Runners3689316417
18Solent Running Sisters32627316718
19Stubbington Green Runners (E)56586117519
20Hedge End Running Club (C)54576717820
21Romsey Road Runners (B)47637718721
22Lordshill Runners (C)59647219522
23Totton Runners (C)55608019523
24Stubbington Green Runners (F)65697020424
25Hardley Runners (B)317111321525
26Eastleigh Running Club (C)66768222426
27Hedge End Running Club (D)75838424227
28Lordshill Runners (D)74799725028
29Stubbington Green Runners (G)81899026029
30Totton Runners (D)85869426530
31Hedge End Running Club (E)88919527431
32Romsey Road Runners (C)879210628532
33Stubbington Green Runners (H)989910029733
34Winchester and District AC (C)367818630034
35Lordshill Runners (E)10210311231735
36Stubbington Green Runners (I)10710811032536
37Hedge End Running Club (F)10410512032937
38Solent Running Sisters (B)10111611833538
39Lordshill Runners (F)11411712235339
40Stubbington Green Runners (J)11111912335340
41Eastleigh Running Club (D)9612615037241
42Stubbington Green Runners (K)12512712938142
43Hedge End Running Club (G)12113013338443
44Romsey Road Runners (D)10912814938644
45Stubbington Green Runners (L)13413513640545
46Lordshill Runners (G)12414314841546
47Stubbington Green Runners (M)13714014542247
48Hedge End Running Club (H)13814214742748
49Solent Running Sisters (C)13914415543849
50Totton Runners (E)13114116743950
51Lordshill Runners (H)15315615946851
52Eastleigh Running Club (E)15115417848352
53Hedge End Running Club (I)16016316548853
54Lordshill Runners (I)16116216849154
55Stubbington Green Runners (N)15716417049155
56Solent Running Sisters (D)15816617349756
57Stubbington Green Runners (O)17117418452957
58Solent Running Sisters (E)17517617953058
59Solent Running Sisters (F)18318518755559